Weird toad response

Sooo, I've caught a lot of toads. Normal reaction from them when they know they've been spotted is to puff up, make themselves look like body builders, etc. The toad in the pic did the opposite and it saved its life. I was mowing the lawn and noticed that when it heard the mower, it squished itself into the grass...deflating and flattening it's body. I stopped the mower, it came back up to look/walk around. Started the mower, flat toad. Crazy. I wonder if it's an adaptation and what else it's good for besides lawn mowers...

Spotted salamander

Found my first spotted salamander in MA today! I've spent years looking for'um and noticed it sitting under my new hibiscus as I finished planting it. Very alert and a lot more lizard-like than most salamanders I've found.

Bat week is well underway...

Stupid interwebs! This should have posted from the, or iPhone reception, or a combo of the 2 is to blame.

New projects and new website

Dom's hard at work building the new site and oh hey, we caught over 100 bats last week.

Site and footage soon...but Dom was finishing off that pint of berries pretty quick...forgetting how much they make you it may be a bit delayed until we get a bathroom editing station.

Napping with 100,000 snakes

For my 32nd Birthday I thought instead of going to Disney World, I'd go to Canada. And so it began! A crazy 32 hour drive from my home in Boston w/ audacious camera men @Domathon & @misterjarrod ( to Manitoba Canada to witness a little known natural phenomenon. Every winter the Red-sided garter snakes of Manitoba Den together to keep warm and emerge in the spring, all at once. Here's what it looks like when I take a nap with thousands of snakes...

Snake dens - narcisse

It's hard to explain exactly how amazing this latest trip was...Dom, Pat, and Jarrod hit Canada, and in retaliation, Canada threw thousands of snakes at our faces. It was awesome.

Toad - not sure of species?

C'mon my toad-expert friends! Fowlers? Maybe a spade foot (that would be exciting!) had Old Bay seasoning on my hands so I didn't want to pick it up to check the feet. I need some help here!

Marine bio!

Can't you tell I'm 8,000,000 times bigger than you? Please stop pinching me.

My new buddy - we hung out for about 15 minutes this morning.

Time to wake up everyone! It's sunny out and the rocks are hot!

I caught a dozens of newborns last year, hoping they come out to play soon! I think this is the mama.


Just a other day with Pat Spain "hey look it's coyote poop!!!"


Almost spring means almost filming time...big stuff planned! Including welcoming Rice Pants to our blog! Something about you seems different...2012 = mustaches 
Dom, or Domathon, brings more than just a beard to the table at each Nature Calls shoot

by the way Pat Spain.... this is how you embed videos. what the truck are you doin over there on your computer?

Hey @domathon remember when you were scared of water monitors? 

I haven't driven cross country since I wore wide leg jeans and had a much about that statement needs to be remedied. 
We found the slightly sun-burned Ring-Neck snake! one more down on the ole Massachusetts list.